Benoît Rouleau is a web developer with a particular interest in user experience. He prides himself in creating stunning, responsive websites for his clientele. Benoît contacted YESQ interested in an approachable design system for his rebrand.


Main Idea

Benoît wanted to keep his brand personable while maintaining a professional look. After narrowing the concept down, we decided on using brackets to represent web development.

Considering his interest in a personable brand, having a tongue sticking out felt like a playful and approachable element. Aside from standing for benface, this is also a reference to making an element bold in HTML, which uses the <b> tag.

The eyes of this developed character uses a colon. This is also used when defining an attribute within CSS, a coding language that is often used in association with HTML when developing a website.



After developing the concept for the logo, we worked on a lively design system to fulfill the benface brand. This inluded variations of the logo, patterns, a style guide, and a small motion design.

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