Logo Design





Ashley, better known as Electra, is an influencer with over 230,000 followers on Twitch. She got in contact with me through a mutual friend in search of a logomark for her brand. Her alias being associated with the word 'electric' as well as the Electra in greek mythology, we both felt it was best to have lightning associated with the mark.



Initial Sketches

I sent over three sketched concepts to Ashley with three very different approached to the concept. The first one, using a lowercase 'e' and the lightning coming in from the top was a great initial idea. I personally thought this one would look great executed, but may be limiting in terms of usage if we used a gradient for the lightning. The third one felt a bit complex, involving too many lines to convey the same sort of message that can be done with less, and we fortunately landed on the second concept, pictured belwo.




This was my personal take on Electra's intro, as I wanted to practice with motion in 3D space. Posting this idea led to having it as her intro in front of her highlights from Twitch, showcased on her YouTube channel.